What is MVNG.project?

The Why comes before the What.

Human beings have potential that reaches far beyond data quantified on periodized programs or hyper specific training protocols can capture. Millions of years of evolution has brought about the need to be a generalist mover. It has brought about the need to throw, and crawl, and climb, and run, and lift, and jump as well as rest. It wasn't fitness, it was survival.

Living in a modern first world society like New York City, humans couldn't be further from our heritage. Hunt and gather? We have Seamless. Migrate with the food supply? Does Uber go there? Avoid predators? Just swipe left on Tinder. Technology has made moving our bodies an option rather than a necessity. Being strong or capable has become a choice. That is where MVNG.project comes in.

MVNG.project is the conscious decision to embrace physical culture. It is a Tribe. It is a set of values. It is that decision to embrace movement, collaborate, build, play and question the trajectory of our species. As such, we aren't looking for spectators. We embrace interdisciplinary conversation that expands the potential of movement. As you can tell, the 'What' is a bit ambiguous. It's better that way ... it leaves more room for growth.

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